Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of 1008 and 1010 steel are the following.

Carbon, C0.10% Max0.08-0.13%
Manganese, Mn0.30-0.50%0.30-0.60%
Sulfur, S0.050%0.050%
Phosphorus, P0.040%0.040%

Mechanical Properties

The following are the mechanical properties for both cold drawn and hot rolled 1008 and 1010 steel.

Cold Drawn

Tensile Strength49,000 psi53,000 psi
Yield Strength41,500 psi44,000 psi
Elongation (2″)20%20%
Reduction in Area45%40%
Brinell Hardness95105

Hot Rolled

Tensile Strength44,000 psi47,000 psi
Yield Strength24,500 psi26,000 psi
Elongation (2″)30%28%
Reduction in Area55%50%
Brinell Hardness8695

The average machinability rating percentage based on SAE1212 as 100% for 1008 cold drawn and 1010 cold drawn:

1008 – 55%

1010 – 55%