Cast Iron Pulleys

Our sand casting process is very mature, and we currently have an automatic molding line and a manual molding workshop for the production of sand molds. The automatic molding line is suitable for making large quantities of sand mold, which has the advantage of high efficiency and low cost. Manual molding workshop is specially used to produce a small number of orders, various product types, its advantage is flexible, and can be customized according to customer needs.

We have more than 20 foundry workers, and the daily production capacity of casting blanks can be up to 5 tons. The unit weight of most of the castings we produced is between 5-15Kg, and a small number of products have a unit weight of 200Kg.

Our commonly used materials are gray cast iron and ductile cast iron. We have in stock all grades of cast iron commonly available on the market. In addition, we also make some simple cast copper products.

Our casting products, whether it is the composition control of the material, or the size, appearance and internal quality control of the casting product, are strictly implemented their corresponding national standards. Nearly 90% of our products are exported to overseas markets. During the development of the company for so many years, we have accumulated rich experience and cultivated good habits and awareness of quality control. We are a Chinese foundry with international standards.

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