Tinplating Heatsink

Finish:Tin plate, 5um thick
Lead Time:Sample, 5 working days
≥1000pcs, 45 working days
CustomizationCustomized product cutting length according to client’s request
Customized product deep maching according to client’s request
Customized product packing according to client’s request

Production Show

Production Process:


Tin plating is a common surface treatment in the semiconductor industry. But it’s rarely used on aluminum-based surfaces, and fortunately we can do it with great quality and a reasonable price. Tin plating heatsink is a good choice for heat dissipation in high-power electronics. We supply AAVID for many years.

Quality Control:

Extrusion Materials Inspection

  • Aluminum Alloy Check

This verifies that the right type of aluminum billets are used for your extrusions. Some of the alloys specified by the International Alloy Designation System used for aluminum extrusions are 6063, 6463, 6005A, and 6061. Donrex covers all aluminum alloy standards recognized in various countries.

  • Extrusion Dye Check

As important as the materials is ensuring that extrusion dies follow buyer’s designs and specifications. Extrusion dies are evaluated in a variety of areas including hardness, dimensional measurements, bearing lengths and squareness, clearance, and support for thin parts. If you are not sure which characteristics you need to address for your type of extrusion product, Donrex will be able to help you.

  • Additives Check

Color, stabilizers, flame retardants, finishing materials, and approved fillers are just some of the additives used for extruded products. It is important that the relevant details are established and communicated effectively to the supplier before production starts. It is not uncommon that some suppliers scrimp on these high value materials to trim down costs so it is important to identify whether this pre-production inspection protocol is necessary for your product type.