3D Printer Cabinet

Material:Galvanized Sheet, Aluminum Sheet, Steel tubes
Finish:Powder Coating
Lead Time:Sample, 60 working days
≥100pcs, 45 working days
CustomizationAccept customization

How to make a 3D printer cabinet

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Our advantages in sheet metal forming are as follows:

1. Experienced engineers are responsible for the development of new products throughout the process, so that all problems can be found efficiently and effectively improved. The person in charge will keep following the project until the product successfully enters the mass production stage.
2. Our advanced equipment: The main equipment of the company are Swiss Bystronic laser cutting machine (2 sets), Japan Komatsu plasma cutting machine (1 set), Germany Trumpf and Japan AMADA CNC punching machine (2 sets), Swiss Bystronic and Japan AMADA CNC bending machine (8 sets) sets), OTC welding robots (multiple sets), machining centers (CNC) (multiple sets), multiple ordinary punching machines and machining and auxiliary equipment, as well as high-efficiency painting production lines, high-efficiency powder spraying production lines, etc.
3. We follow strict quality inspection of incoming materials.
4. We use scientific production management methods to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
5. We are committed to creating a work and production environment that is above the industry average.